Chuck & Sandy Hester

Chuck & I began developing Romantic River Gardens in 1997 with our first structure, the unique octagon shaped gazebo with Tuscan columns.  Thereafter we added something new each year in the form of either landscaping, statuary or buildings to add to the amazing natural beauty of the grasses, trees, and river . 

We love being able to offer people a beautiful, relaxing place for their special event.  Guests come from all over the country and are blessed by being able to spend time here. 

We love the fact that we get to meet amazing people and help them to enjoy the ambience that Romantic River Gardens offers.  Our clients become our friends!  And when we see them later in another setting we are excited to learn how they are and what they are doing. 

We offer services that relieve as much stress as possible so that people can more fully enjoy their time here.  Our goal is to have Romantic River Gardens be an "experience" that they will always remember.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website!  If you like what you see come check us out with a no-obligation tour of the gardens and tell your friends about us. 

Would love to meet you!


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